Free Eviction History Check

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Free Eviction History Check. If a tenant has been evicted from a property one time before, this shows that they may find themselves in the same situation again in the future. If you have an eviction record that will show up in your background check, you can petition the court in the county where the case was filed to have the record expunged, or sealed.

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Enter your details into our eviction search to find out if you have any eviction records. Check your eviction history so that you can learn if the previous evictions show up on your credit reports and your rental history. Many eviction cases end up being dismissed if the tenant pays the money owed, so a full screen is the best way to find out if your applicant is as clean.

The three credit reporting agencies are transunion, equifax and experian.

With a free membership, our online screening solution allows you to pass the cost to renters. Before we get into the details of how to check eviction history, you may still be curious about why this check is necessary. Eviction records are made available to allow landlords to check prospective tenants' rental history; That way they can discover if the tenants have not paid their rent, caused damages to properties or did anything else that got them evicted.