How To Hook A Minnow

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How To Hook A Minnow. Ill go ahead and hook it through and point that hook towards the head of the minnow because a lot of times when fish grab these minnows. This is a simple procedure where you take 8th in the hook and threaded it right in the middle of the meat in front of the tail.

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Since fish usually take the minnow head first rig the hook with the point up and toward the head for the best hookset. Walleye fishing with minnows is a great way to catch them. Because the hook will turn point up this will let the minnow swim upright.

You dont want to go too far ahead of the tail but thats fair enough that your hook has enough stuff to stay tight.

Choose Your Mobile Development Path Infographic. Lip nostril hooking minnows is a great way to hook a live minnow without killing it. The hook needs to go through the soft part. Successful fishers and anglers often use live minnows to catch fish every cast.