Husky Food Diet

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Husky Food Diet. The reason being is because wet food is not only significantly tastier but its more nutritious too. However individual needs vary due to activity level metabolism age and weight.

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Everyday he is so excited to eat. Siberian Huskies require a diet packed with meat protein. But keep in mind that pears have high sugar content.

If your Husky is a working dog and requires 1700 calories however she will need about 35 cups a day.

Despite of their large size they dont require a heavy diet. If you are feeding a dog over 6 months of age split into to 2 feedings per day. Because fish and other marine foods have become such a large part of the wild husky diet the dogs bodies have grown accustomed to receiving a large amount of zinc. A few slices of a fresh pear are tasty and juicy treats for your dog.