Modern Hearing Aid Technology

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Modern Hearing Aid Technology. Analog hearing aids have been available for many years. A microphone a processor a receiver and a power source.

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Hearing aids have arguably been one of the most important technological innovations of the past couple of centuries. Digitization is now playing an important role in modern hearing aids. Whilst the name of this technology is fairly long it essentially brings relief to those who suffer from Tinnitus ringing in the ears an excellent and priceless feature to many Tinnitus sufferers.

A microphone a processor and a loudspeaker.

Sadly there are still many misconceptions out there about hearing aids and these myths explain why only one in 6 Canadians with hearing loss use hearing aids. The hearing aid is fitted to the most recent audiogram and is programmed by frequency. Modern hearing aids require configuration to match the hearing loss physical features and lifestyle of the wearer. Modern hearing aids can be paired wirelessly via Bluetooth with smartphones or smart watches for example.