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Stereo Hearts Lyrics

Lyricification101 | 03:34 | 55,366,005

newest addition to my lyric collection. if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me! UPDATE 7/22/15: I'm back everyone! Many lyric videos are on...

Easy T.V. and Stereo Jammer!

stancurtin | 06:14 | 503,749

Jam T.V. and stereo broadcasts within a short range. End the rampage of a noisy neighbor. Great practical joke, and magic trick. Endless laughs.

$10 Bluetooth Stereo Hack

speedkar99 | 09:44 | 106,043

Here's how to tap into your car's radio and install a Bluetooth - auxiliary audio connection for less than $10 in materials! This project involves...

How to Turn on Zoom Stereo Audio

sodanomusic | 02:19 | 4,999

How to Fix Zoom Stereo Audio This video will give you a very fast and simple solution. Check out my video testing Zoom audio from one person hears...

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